Nearby Lakes & Rivers

My Great-Grandfather (pictured right) was a mad keen fly fisherman, and that passion was one of the reasons he purchased Ratho Farm when it went up for sale in 1936. His great passion shines through in photos of him and his daily catch, or even the remains of his engineering works, where he tried to establish a trout fish-farm (visible on the walk to the Championship tee on the Corner Hole).

Staying onsite at Ratho Farm not only provides close proximity to MONA and Hobart, for any non-fishing companions, but also places you only metres away from a sunrise or sunset cast on the Clyde River, or a few minutes drive to some of the best stocked private fisheries on nearby farms.

Alexander Stenhouse (right) with one of his hauls at Ratho Farm.

For many anglers, the idea of fly fishing Tasmania is a mind-bending roller coaster. On one hand, there is the knowledge that some of the country’s – or for that matter, the world’s – best fly fishing is on offer. On the other hand, is the knowledge that this can be a hard nut to crack. One bay of one particular lake may be firing while the rest of the lake is idle… and, of course, that will change as often as the weather. Local knowledge in Tasmania is definitely the key to success.

– Chris Baty,

“Intimate, surprising, exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding.”

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The world renowned Western Lakes fishery is only 1 hour’s drive away, and in total 5 of Tasmania’s 6 most popular fishing lakes, are within a 70 minute drive in all directions- so by utilising Ratho Farm as your fishing base, and securing one of our recommended fishing guides will ensure that you’ll always wake up close to where the big fish are rising; whether it be Bradys Lake, Mt.Field, Lake Augusta or one of the many bends in the river.

left: caught in the Clyde River, 10 metres from our accommodation cottages during construction.